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Mother’s Day Feelings

It's no secret. Mother's Day is a difficult day for me. I've no biological children of my own, despite my efforts of trying and miscarrying multiple times. My mother was a piece of crap. It's all just a hot mess. It's tough. I don't get to spend time with my step kids, which is fine,… Continue reading Mother’s Day Feelings

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Birthdays & Updates

What an exhausting few week/weekend. Since it's the birth-momster's year to spend Easter with the kids, they left early. But, after exhausting arguments from my husband, he didn't have to use an extra parenting day when she wanted them to come here a day early. As usual, we had a wonderful time together, though not… Continue reading Birthdays & Updates

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Happy Canadaversary

Exactly one year ago, my dog and I came to Canada. Mold in my home displaced me, so I ended up moving to be with my husband before we anticipated. How have I been the past year? Well let's see. I married my best friend, became a stepmother, and now have an awesome family. I… Continue reading Happy Canadaversary

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Nutritional Consistency in Children

A year or two after I received a diagnosis of diabetes and had glucose stability issues, nutrition became a huge part of my life. At the start of my nutrition journey, I went into hardcore keto mode (I'm talking true keto, not just super low carb. I mean perfect macros, a ton of vitamina/supplements, fasting,… Continue reading Nutritional Consistency in Children