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I Can’t Breathe…

I never considered myself a person conflicted with anxiety, but as of late, I have a whole new view on it. Thankfully, I've always been a pillar for a couple of close friends who do suffer from anxiety, so I have done what I've always told them to do, but man it's tough sometimes. I… Continue reading I Can’t Breathe…

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May Day

It's May 1st. A time of May Pole Dancing, festivals, and the mark of spring. In earlier times I would have celebrated Beltane, but have long lost faith in anything beyond Mother Nature. May 1st is also celebrated as recognition to workers and marking an 8 hour work day being the norm. But I'm not… Continue reading May Day

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Happy Anniversary

I am the woman that rocked a leather jacket with her backless lace wedding dress. He is the man who cracks off the most insane puns and dad jokes without missing a beat. We are unique. Together we are the perfect pair. They say that the first year of marriage is always the most difficult.… Continue reading Happy Anniversary

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Happy Canadaversary

Exactly one year ago, my dog and I came to Canada. Mold in my home displaced me, so I ended up moving to be with my husband before we anticipated. How have I been the past year? Well let's see. I married my best friend, became a stepmother, and now have an awesome family. I… Continue reading Happy Canadaversary