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Fat & Happy

It hasn’t quite been a “Quarantine Fifteen,” but I’d be lying if I tried to say my britches didn’t feel a little tight. But that’s okay. I don’t care. Life is falling more and more into place. Finally. Annnnnnd I’ve got tomatoes and lavender growing! I must be doing something right!

I’d been laid off for quite some time. I finally got a new job! And it’s something I really like and think I’ll continue to really like. Plus, I’ve heard amazing things about the company and there’s room to grow! I’ll be keeping the old job part time for a bit as well. I can finally breathe a bit and get caught up financially. And once that’s done, hopefully help my husband get more time with his children.

Oh the kids. It’s been rough. While in his mother’s care, the youngest somehow fell into a fire pit. The burns were pretty bad, but could have been worse. The youngest is being tested again and her mother wants help with an additional $500+/mo for a learning center that won’t offer much more help than doing a structured plan at home. The oldest just seems hurt. Like he’s figuring everything out and realizing he’d been lied to years ago. I really hope we are able to finagle more time with them.

Covid hasn’t been horrible here, but people are starting to get sloppy and careless. Wear a damn mask people!

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