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New Normals

Our province is about the size of Texas with barely one million people in it. We’ve only had some small (by comparison to most other places) outbreaks. The small city we live in has been relatively unscathed. Until possibly now. The local nurses union is calling for an outbreak to be declared at one of the hospitals because a patient from an assisted living facility was admitted, but wasn’t confirmed with COVID-19 until 5 days later. One party is saying it was minimal contact and no spread has occured. Nurses are mapping at least 100 contacts. Who knows what’ll happen with that. It just takes one.

All the while, the province in working on opening back up in phases. I’m not sure if that’s the right decision yet. I do agree that this situation has been a hit to the economy, but I don’t know that our medical system could handle a large outbreak. And to be quite frank, I’ve enjoyed the slowness of life lately. I’ve enjoyed being able to be home, get things done, and being less stressed.

Although I’m laid off, I’ve been required to do some work for time-in-lieu to use in the future, and I’ve found that I’ve had more success in productivity by working from home. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that place next week. I’m hoping that eventually I can find something more stable, because unless the owner pulls off a miracle, I don’t think the company will survive.

Thankfully this has been during fairly nice weather. For my upcoming birthday, we got me a nice set of patio furniture along with an umbrella to avoid any horrible sunburns. Most mornings I fix a cup of coffee while loading the dishwasher, then the dog and I venture outside. I read emails, have my coffee, and visit a little with the neighboring dogs. This has been my little oasis. I find that I sit out here for hours pondering the world, life, events. The warmth of the sun has helped keep me calm (and I’m sure the Vitamin D helps.) The breeze helps me mentally just let things go. I feel like I’ve done a lot of healing out here. I would very much like for this to be a new normal for me. I’d be perfectly fine with even doing my work out here. Having the ritual of just being outside in the mornings before the sun gets too overbearing. It’s just… peaceful. Here’s to hoping this will be a new normal for me.

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