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May Day

It’s May 1st. A time of May Pole Dancing, festivals, and the mark of spring. In earlier times I would have celebrated Beltane, but have long lost faith in anything beyond Mother Nature. May 1st is also celebrated as recognition to workers and marking an 8 hour work day being the norm. But I’m not working right now. So what’s a girl to do?

I started my day with a bold cup of coffee and tended to the emails for a job I technically don’t have right now. After, I started working on the last steps towards having a refinished vintage sewing machine and cabinet. I’ve been staining it gray and can hardly wait to write a post about it. We ventured out into the world for some vegetables and beverages, then I worked on my project some more.

Supper was very spring-like. We opted for smoking some chicken kabobs with sweet red peppers and fresh pineapple. Who needs a camp fire for s’mores? Not us. We loaded those babies up into the smoker too! (Which btw, we highly recommend. Smoked chocolate and smoked marshmallows are ah-ma-zing!).

I opted for a bubble bath with eucalyptus and lavender. I’ve been in here, turning into a raisin for a solid hour and a half. As you know, I’m super fond of a good bubble bath, although I don’t have them nearly enough. It was mindless and mindful all at the same time. I scrolled through social media for entertainment, but was thinking about my life. I uprooted everything I had ever known for love. It was a really big and potentially stupid life move. And I’m eternally grateful that I did it. I’ve been thinking about my life up until my big move. It’s sometimes scary how at peace I am. How happy. I’ve come such a long way in life. Even though my past has sucked, I’m thankful for it because it brought me here.

And that makes for a wonderful May Day ❤️

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