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Good Sleeps

Whelp.  I’ve been “safe at home” for a little over a month now.

Generally, I’m the type of person that thrives on having a routine and set schedule.  It gives me something to rely on and enables me to have a steady set of expectations.  I’m a homebody, though, so the transition of being at home all of the time wasn’t too terrible, but it certainly was different.  If anything, the downtime has taught me that I was perpetually exhausted.  Being able to unplug and unwind was not only nice, but it was needed and necessary.

So what have I been doing over the past 5 weeks?  Everything and nothing all at the same time.  I’ve done some spring cleaning and organized parts of the house that needed a little TLC.   I’ve gotten rid of some stuff we didn’t really need.  I’ve still checked in with work.  (Despite my frustrations in the career department, I’m still a workaholic at heart.)  I’ve taken the dog for walks.  I’ve started doing my nails again.  I’ve been playing video games.  I’ve binge watched Netflix.  I’ve had some really healthy meals.  I’ve had some really terrible meals.  I’ve napped.  I’ve had bubble baths.  I’ve had some sleepless nights.  I’ve had some restful nights.  I’ve been listening to my body.

For the most part, I’ve been sleeping fairly well aside from a few off nights.  But last night, oh man.  Last night I got something I didn’t know that I needed.  It was that good good sleep.  We had the fan on.  We had the window cracked.  It was a little cool.  Our blanket has a little weight to it, which is sometimes is too hot, but last night was perfect.  And then, at some point in the middle of the night and into the morning, it rained.  When we weren’t at home all the time, I was normally the first to wake up, get my wits about me, and get the shower going.  Since being at home, my husband usually tries to refrain from disturbing me, but I typically wake up when he does anyway.  Not this morning.  I was completely gone in blissful slumber.  I think I vaguely remember my husband getting ready for work…maybe.  I slept til almost 9:30am.  And the nice thing about it?  I woke up actually feeling rested, not like a starved zombie that’s been searching for fresh brains for weeks on end.  I needed it.  I still feel a little sluggish, like my brain/body is still trying to catch up from change and/or lack of routine, but I finally feel like I’m getting there.

They’ve announced that they’re starting to slowly open the province back up starting next week.  I still have no idea what’s in store for my work life, but we’ll see.  In the interim, I’m going to continue to try to get as much of that good refreshing sleep like last night to better prepare myself for whatever may come.

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