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Birthdays & Updates

What an exhausting few week/weekend. Since it’s the birth-momster’s year to spend Easter with the kids, they left early. But, after exhausting arguments from my husband, he didn’t have to use an extra parenting day when she wanted them to come here a day early. As usual, we had a wonderful time together, though not nearly enough time. And to top it off, there was a lot to celebrate in such a short time.

Last year when it was our year to spend Easter with the kids, we couldn’t pick them up until the afternoon. By then, all of the community egg hunts were over so we didn’t really do much. This year with the distancing, we couldn’t do a big hunt either, but at least we did a small one at home along with some Easter baskets. The kids absolutely loved it. We also played board games and made cards for dad. I could tell that emotions were high though. My step daughter’s outbursts were a lot more frequent. We think she should be tested for autism and needs more help, but that doesn’t seem to be high on her mother’s priority list. My oldest step son was swallowing a lot of anger about not being able to be here. I get it, but I have no idea how to help him until he’s a little bit older and understands the world a little differently. His resentment builds more and more each passing week, and I simply don’t want that for him.

In other news, it’s my husband’s birthday! I’d been saving up money to get him a smoker. He’s so passionate about cooking food in a smoker and always has been. Over the winter, I saw his smoker sitting on a table in his ex’s back yard, being ruined by the weather. My heart sank. I couldn’t understand her blatant disregard. When I got laid off from work, I was really worried if I should spend the money or not, but the Canadian government came through, so I took the plunge. And to make it even better, Canadian Tire had a model of his preferred brand on clearance, so I got to save a couple hundred bucks on a really great quality unit. It’s one of the best choices I’ve made. He knew I was trying to find him one since I asked many questions due to knowing nothing about smokers. Regardless of knowing already, he lit up like a kid on Christmas. Despite only having it for a couple of days, he’s already cooked two different meats and a plethora of veggies in it. I even tried my hand at smoking a fancy cheese in there. It turned out a mess, but it was delicious! For Easter, I snagged us a couple of corned beef briskets that he smoked for 6 hours. It was one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. He’s so proud of it. I look forward to his creations. He says it’s his second favorite birthday present… his first favorite being the time I flew up here for his birthday two years ago & he asked me to marry him the day after.

And in ending, happy birthday my love. You are a magnificent man, husband, best friend, and father. I love you more than anything, and I look forward to many more birthdays with you!

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