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Happy at Home

Outside of the handful of work-from-home hours that were pre-paid to me, I’m effectively laid off from my job.  My boss is hopelessly optimistic about having a turn-around and being able to recoup, but I’m a little more realistic on the matter.  I don’t think the company will push through this.  Harsh?  Maybe.  But I doubt it can be done without a major overhaul.

I’m not alone in my layoff.  I personally know a lot of people who have been laid off and/or fired from their jobs due to the economic downturn caused by the response to COVID19.  While yes, it sucks as a whole, I personally don’t mind it.  I needed a little break.  One way or another, I’ll be employed again eventually.  In the meantime, we’ll survive for quite a while with me being on employment insurance.  We’ll be okay.

For us, the isolation and social distancing measures aren’t difficult.  We’re gamers.  We’re nerds.  We’ve been prepping for this for most of our lives.  We’ve replaced date nights with going for a walk or watching something on Netflix together.  Outside of that, our lives haven’t changed much aside from being at home during business hours.  We’d planned on taking a week of vacation time in 2 weeks.  We weren’t going to go anywhere in particular (except maybe a day trip down to the states so I could go to Target.)  We just wanted to spend some “us” time together.  The universe works in mysterious ways.  We got exactly what we wanted, only didn’t have to take vacation time for it!  This is a huge personal win for us… that’s apparently driving other people crazy.  I heard on the radio that divorce attorneys are reporting an at least 50% increase on calls regarding divorce due to couples being stuck spending more time around one another.  That blows my mind.  I hope that people take time to understand one another and work through their changes in routine and learn to work together than to just throw in the towel.

Life at home with the husband has been amazing.  He’s set up the laptop for work in between our two desks.  I’ve set up shop on the kitchen table.  We get to look up and see each other any time we’d like.  We take a break around the same time to cook some lunch together and get the opportunity to share more than one meal together.  We get to learn more about each others’ work, and provide some input and insights that we might not have otherwise considered.  And it’s nice to have little bits of intimacy throughout the day.  Simple things like asking the other if they’d like something to drink or if they need anything.  Being able to randomly smile.  The ability to give each other a hug at any moment.

Or maybe we’re just different.  Maybe these things aren’t as appreciated by other people as they are to us.  Both of us came from stressful marriages prior to ours.  Ones where we weren’t appreciated and weren’t fully taken into consideration.  Maybe those people are stuck in the same kinds of situations that we were prior to meeting one another.

Find a means to be happy at home.  Instead of being annoyed, find what it is that you loved about each other and nurture it.  Do something nice for each other, something that’s genuine and not self-serving.  Find a means to turn this disruption of your normal lives into an opportunity to grow and to slow down.

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