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Save the Grannies

Half of the world has shut down.

Today, I started my journey of working from home.  There is a great deal of uncertainty revolving around my job, all depending upon how long the hysteria continues.  Thankfully, for the small amount of work the company currently has, my job can mostly be done from home.  And although it’s just my first day working remotely, I’ve enjoyed it.  I get a lot more done while at home than I do in the office.  There’s just something about my boss not bothering me all day that allows me to work more effectively.

The scary part is who knows how long I’ll continue to have a job.  Our sales have declined drastically over the past number of weeks, and our consulting contracts are facing the same struggles that we are.  Despite his classes being moved to an online format, my husband thankfully has a little more security than I do right now.  I’m struggling to swallow the reality that getting laid-off is a real possibility.

So the response to the virus has been pretty crazy.  Some measures may seem extreme, but I’m trying to be positive.  As an introvert, I’ve enjoyed that the world around me has slowed down some.  I enjoy that there’s not a thousand people at the grocery store.  (But ironically, the only pack of toilet paper I could find was a pack of 80 rolls.  I’m not hoarding, I swear!  We just actually needed some toilet paper.)  I do think the hoarding got to be pretty ridiculous.  Even if we’re all quarantined for a bit, how long do you think it’ll take to get through all of those Costco sized packs?  C’mon man.

We were getting gas a few days ago and I overheard some idiot young adults expressing their frustrations with the measures that people are taking through this.  It took everything I had to not roll down my window and let my American fall out of my mouth.  I find myself getting really frustrated with people who can’t look beyond themselves.  If my grandmother catches this virus, it will kill her.  Hell, if my dad were to be infected, I’m not entirely sure he wouldn’t at least end up in the hospital from it, if not worse.  Us?  We’d probably be fine.  We’d probably feel like crap, but we’d be okay.  But it’s not about us.  It’s about the people who may have compromised immune systems.  It’s about the infants and the elderly.   It’s about the people whose bodies can’t fend for themselves.

We won’t know if the measures we take right now are too much until all of this is over.  But we’ll damn sure know pretty quickly if we do too little.  If I gotta avoid the public for a little while in order to save somebody’s granny, then so be it.  How would you feel if your granny didn’t survive?

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